Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finished project!

Remember that west coast shawl I was knitting? I messed up the border. And then it sat. And sat. And sat. FINALLY I picked it back up, because it was breaking my heart having something so beautiful, knitted with local yarn from local sheep just sitting there like a lump.

I picked out the border that I began, which is what I was dreading all that time. I sat down with the pattern. I took a deep breath and made it through the first row. Feather and fan styled borders always give me trouble. So finicky.

I knitted until my yarn was nearly gone - only 9 rows into a 17 row border. I cast off. It was bliss! I had been knitting it on hat or mitten length circular needles, and I had no idea what this thing would look like not wadded up on such tiny needles. It was a less than ideal border, but I was satisfied to be finished.

The next night, I was sitting down and digging out supplies to work on the sweater I've been working on FOREVER for dh, when lo and behold, out of my knitting bag I pulled out the second ball of blue I bought because I didn't think I had enough. I thought I was already using that ball! Hooray!

Completely finished this masterpiece. Blocked it. Love it. Feast your eyes.

 Oh I can't wait for the chill in the air. Wrapping myself in this will be heaven!

 It is a very simple shawl pattern. It is the Simple Lines pattern from Ravelry. You can see it here. Clearly, I've made a few adjustments to the pattern. I took out the eyelet rows because of the color sections. I thought it would be too busy to have the colors and the eyelet rows.

 I tried to get a few good shots of the border, but it doesn't look very clear in these photos. You get the idea though, right?

 See the west coast in there?

 Bring on the elements!

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  1. that is a great shawl,but I love the one you made me also.