Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Project!

I am so excited! This weekend we had a sickie, which would normally not be a fun thing. However, it was mild - low grade fever and a headache. Just sick enough to be sweet and rest when we asked. Not so sick that bodily functions were happening without permission.

We had an exciting weekend planned - fiddling, buskers, farmer's market, school meeting and more! Almost all of it was put off or attended with just the well kiddo in tow and one parent home.

So, I had an opportunity to really dig into a project, and what did I do?
 I made my very first pattern!

 It is a very simple pattern - measured for ribbing and knitted it for around an inch. Doubled the stitches until I reached an inch shorter than I wanted the skirt, purl one row, knit one row with new color, k2tog, yo one row, k next row, change colors and k a row, purl, bind off in knit.

 The pants - same number of stitches, k2 p2 for an inch, add 1/3 the stitches, k until inseam, put half the stitches on waste yarn, k the other stitches in the round until 1 inch below desired length and repeat the border above, using the opposite colors. Repeat for the second leg. Sew up the crotch and weave in ends.

For the straps, I believe I did a brioche stitch? Not sure. co6, k1, sl 1 wyif three times. Turn and repeat until the strap is desired length (approx 3 inches). Sew onto the dress.

I'm also working on a wee shawl to finish this outfit off. I am madly in love with the colors I used - scraps from other projects.

Can't wait to see this complete!